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In this page you will find the most relevant information for travelling with Maré.

Maré is a public bus transportation service operating in the Porto district, mainly in Matosinhos, the city northwestern to Porto, but also covering other nearby cities in the region.

Our routes and timetables are available on Google Maps and on this page of our website (in Portuguese, use translating tools if needed).
You may also refer to our network map.
· · · The vast majority of our lines operate every day of the week
· · · Our day lines operate between 06:00 and 20:30 approximately. We also have 3 night lines operating until 01:00.
· · · Frequencies on business days range from approximately 30 to 60 minutes. We strongly recommend refering to our schedules, which are accurate within reasonable punctuality standards.

• • • On-board ticket
· · · Valid for the specific trip
· · · Only payment method is Euro cash (1.35€ – 1.60€)
· · · When requesting the ticket to our driver, refer to your destination and amount of travellers

• • • Network ticket (andante)
· · · Use this to travel within all the public buses (except sightseeing) of the region and the metro/subway
· · · Each trip is a valid for a time period (min. 1 hour, depends on the zones). Daily tickets available.
· · · Reusable card purchaseable in all metro/subway stations only
· · · Once you have a card, you may recharge in any of the shops in this map

Relevant travel rules
· · · When the bus is approaching, stretch your arm to indicate your intention to board
· · · Luggage allowed within reasonable sizes/items and availability in the bus
· · · Children’s trolleys allowed within availability in the bus
· · · Pets, bicycles are not allowed
· · · Wheelchair accesibility available in all buses

· · · International support available only via e-mail:
· · · Our phone helpline is not available in foreign languages